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Public Safety First - Aid Title 22 (21 hour Course)

This 21 Hour California Public Safety First Aid (PSFA) course is intended for public safety personnel, including firefighters, lifeguards, peace officers, as well as students/trainees in these fields.

STC Course #08288378
Sierra Sacramento Valley LEMSA Approved Training Provider

This is an advanced First Aid Course consisting of 21 hours of coursework with topics including:
  • emergency response;
  • scene and patient assessment;
  • emergency moves and recovery position;
  • emergency communication and multiple-rescuer response;
  • pro-rescuer CPR/AED;
  • bleeding control;
  • shock management;
  • wound care;
  • sudden illnesses and medical emergencies including breathing difficulty, diabetic emergencies, fainting, heart attack, seizures, and stroke;
  • musculoskeletal injury care and spinal motion restriction;
  • pregnancy and emergency childbirth;
  • care for poisoning and drug abuse;
  • environmental emergencies;
  • animal bites and stings;
  • extrication;
  • terrorist/active-shooter/CBRN incident and natural disaster response;
  • tactical-casualty care; and
  • triage/treatment/transport

This is a Public Safety First Aid course as described in the California Code of Regulations, Title 22, Division 9, Chapter 1.5.